Tear Sheets

One of the things which I found most time consuming when I was working through my second set of assignments was acquiring samples for boards.  Flooring samples, wallpaper samples, carpet samples, surface materials to name but a few.  The assignments themselves took me around 3 weeks of solid work to complete, add another 3 weeks upfront waiting time for samples to arrive.  My advice, get organised as early as you can so that you have things at your fingertips!


I spent this weekend leafing through an enormous pile of magazines – Country Living, Period Ideas, The English Home, Elle Decoration, Coast, Living Etc, Homes and Gardens, Wallpaper and as many european magazines as I could beg from friends whose partners travel for work (Marie Claire Maison, and Grazia Casa are particular favourites), tearing out sheets to start my own directories and style guides. Very therapeutic and appealed to my obsessive compulsive side.

Lists of kitchen manufacturers, paint suppliers, fabric houses, wallpaper printers, flooring companies are beginning to be filed in folders ready for me to start calling in brochures and samples.

Paint sample requests from last week are starting to fall through the letterbox and I’m going to start on flooring samples are next, as these seem to be the most difficult to acquire and I am going to need them for the module 3 assignments.


I’ve now got box files on styles like French Country, Shabby Chic, Scandinavian, Vintage, Bauhaus, Baronial, Rococo, Manor House, Empire, Colonial and Coastal.  I’m sure some of these are not true interior design styles! And I’ve also got the beginnings of colour files (which I should probably have started doing as part of module 1 … tsk tsk).  Folders on inspirational children’s rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, studies and living spaces.  I’m in folder heaven.

But now I have to start letting loose, put my files away and get out my sketchbook.  I need to start those synapses firing in the left side of my brain and get creative. Not the thing I find easiest on this course, but as the old addage goes, ‘practice makes perfect’.  Ugh… you can read how it’s going in the next post.

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One Response to Tear Sheets

  1. Now you see, for me that whole left hand side bit is fine. I desperately need a lot more of the obsessive compulsive though.

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